Why Awareness of Natural Inclusion Matters


Because it provides the opportunity to resolve the shortcomings and remedy the mistakes, paradoxes and problems of living and loving that have arisen through trying to define natural phenomena too rigidly. It enables us to learn to perceive and live in a more passionate, compassionate and sustainable way than we currently do. We receive and give willingly, because we understand that is what it means to live and love well, without enmity, not because we are forced to do so by some external driver or promiser. We view life not as a struggle for existence against one another and our natural neighbourhood, but as a gift of natural energy flow that we receive, nurture protectively and pass on in continuous relay. We do not abstract our reason from our emotion because we understand why there is good reason for emotion as an expression of the energy that sustains our lives and loves. 


You can begin by Exploring Natural Inclusion