Introduction to Natural Inclusion

It's always fun imagining what might have brought you here to explore the Natural Inclusion website. Perhaps you've come across the term in a book or on the internet? Or, maybe, like so many other people you are looking for an exciting and satisfying new way of understanding the natural world and our place in it which makes sense?

Natural Inclusion is a new way of understanding that is different from all you've heard before. It's an alternative kind of thinking that is drawn from our everyday human experience and all the knowledge our species have painstakingly gathered about natural phenomena, including ourselves as Human Beings.

You might have sensed that there is some aspect of the natural world that we human beings have ‘excluded’ from consideration that really needs to be ‘included’ in our thinking? You might think, feel or intuit that it is this very kind of exclusion that leads to all sorts of mistakes, conflicts, paradoxes and problems of living and loving in the world that feature in our ‘bad news’ media on a daily basis?

The term ‘natural inclusion’ was coined by natural scientist Dr Alan Rayner, as the underlying reason for developing a comprehensive new evolutionary philosophy, which includes both the receiving and the giving aspects of Nature, including human nature. This new philosophy requires some re-thinking of what we mean by such terms as ‘space’, ‘energy’, ‘time’ and ‘matter’.

Currently predominant thinking, based on abstract human perceptions of space and physical boundaries, attempts to define natural phenomena, including ourselves, too rigidly, as independent objects that are completely separate from each other and their spatial surroundings. Hence both the receiving and the giving aspects of Nature are overlooked and as a result we stumble far short of faithfully representing how life truly is and how we truly are.

Natural inclusion is a term that represents the mutual inclusion of ‘space’ and ‘energy’ in natural phenomena of all kinds. You might think of Natural Inclusion as a 'Science', as an evolution of Darwin's Evolutionary theory of Natural Selection. Natural Inclusion asserts that ‘Space’ is regarded here as continuous stillness, an infinite, intangible presence everywhere. ‘Energy’ is regarded as continuous flux, circulating within space and around local centres (‘zero points’) of space somewhere to give rise to local forms with variable shapes and sizes. Everything natural is made of space and energy together, not partly of one and partly of other as separable components.

Even what might appear extrinsically to be an inert, solid mass is full of space and circulating energy intrinsically. Space alone would be void. Motionless matter, devoid of space, would have no shape or size. Space is receptive, a welcoming or inductive presence. Energy is responsive, a giving or informing presence. The two relate in the same way that the presence of a receptive sheet of paper elicits the responsive movement of a pencil point to draw the outline of a figure.

As living human figures, we are co-creations of receptive space and responsive energy. And that’s how, when we make the most of ourselves, we can and do truly relate to our natural neighbourhood – as receptive, responsive creatures, not hermetically sealed independent figures.

It is recognition of the mutual inclusion of energy and space as informative and receptive presences, ‘some-thingness’ and ‘no-thingness’, that is such a departure from most current thought. The latter treats material and spatial presence as mutually exclusive – ‘something and nothing’ – with only the former regarded as having significant influence on the way things are and how they behave.

With this departure comes a change in our mental attitude, which enables us to immerse our self-awareness deeply within the receptive stillness of space, at the heart of life and Nature, not set aloof as a detached observer making subjective and objective judgments. And this really does matter.

Natural Inclusion provides the opportunity to resolve the shortcomings and remedy the mistakes, paradoxes and problems of living and loving that have arisen through trying to define natural phenomena too rigidly. It enables us to learn to perceive and live in a more passionate, compassionate and sustainable way than we currently do. We receive and give willingly, because we understand that is what it means to live and love well, without enmity, not because we are forced to do so by some external driver or promiser. We view life not as a struggle for existence against one another and our natural neighbourhood, but as a gift of natural energy flow that we receive, nurture protectively and pass on in continuous relay. We do not abstract our reason from our emotion because we understand why there is good reason for emotion as an expression of the energy that sustains our lives and loves.

To develop your understanding of this new way of thinking, explore the content on this website, which consists of informal articles and peer reviewed articles.

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