Q:- The way you describe the essence of natural inclusion as the mutual inclusion of space and energy in all natural phenomena sounds rather intellectual and unemotional - how can it account for our feelings?




Actually the mutual inclusion of space and energy in all natural phenomena, including ourselves, provides a wonderful and very beautiful way of understanding why we are inescapably emotional beings, immersed in the currents of everyday life, sensually aware of and profoundly affected by harmony and dissonance in our natural neighbourhood. It is only our predilection for abstract thought – which unrealistically dissociates tangible from intangible presence – that mentally blocks us from appreciating our true nature, and misleads us into committing terrible crimes against our own humanity as a consequence.

Let’s begin by recognising that ‘e-motion’ is no more and no less than an expression of the energy that goes into our becoming, along with the receptive space in the core of our being that invites this energy into birthing us. Energy is ‘Eros’, the source of our passion, our Spirit, our very ability to live as and love as unique local identities. Space is ‘Agape’, our Soul, the source of our caring compassion, our receptivity to our own and others’ needs. Together they dance us into the bodily form that reaches out reciprocally and protectively, with heartfelt feeling and due consideration, in friendship and respect for our living companions, both human and non-human. We know beauty. We know love. We know concern. We know, most fundamentally, what makes us human. None of that is possible when we alienate ourselves from our natural neighbourhood by defining it to be other than us.