Art and Creativity



Artistic approaches can both be inspired by and help to develop and communicate natural inclusional perceptions of receptive space and dynamic informational boundaries, which can transform our understanding of evolutionary processes in biological, ecological, geological, cosmic and social systems. Lyrical writing, visual and performance art are very effective means of exploring these perceptions in an invitational and immediate way that can, without imposition, engage peoples' imagination and go beyond the restrictions of definitive language.


Natural inclusional creativity dynamically mixes informational rigidity (discipline) with spatial relaxation (letting go) so as to generate and explore an infinite array of possible forms of expression ('flow-forms'). Any meaningful work of art hence depends upon being both relaxed enough and disciplined enough to allow expression to flow into form. This is when the Muse works her magic in the liminal zone between conscious and unconscious realms in a way that can seem little short of miraculous when we become ‘stuck’ between periods of creativity. The inhibition felt when the 'blank canvas', 'blank page', ‘block of wood, stone, metal or clay, and 'pregnant silence' freezes us into non-expression is like what happens when trying to swallow at will. As soon as we concentrate on the action or intention itself, our throat locks up - analysis becomes paralysis. To proceed at all, it is necessary to have the courage to 'let go' in an act of faith that all will or at least can be well. But the letting go has to be constrained if it is not simply to splurge.