Information Technology



The operational logic of modern computers is binary and hence inescapably rationalistic, working upon definitive bytes of information that exclude receptive space. There is no way, based on this logic, that ‘artificial intelligence’ can ever more than superficially and partially simulate ‘natural intelligence’. This is an important distinction to be aware of when taking into account both the limitations and possibilities of artificial intelligence and recognising how this cannot and must not supersede what comes naturally if we are not to become ‘cybermen’. The speed and precision of operation of artificial intelligence may be a useful aid to natural intelligence in the short term, but cannot cater for evolutionary possibility in the long run.


Whereas computer logic is binary, computing logic need not be. Notwithstanding its abuses, the development of the Internet is in many ways a very remarkable example of natural inclusional logic in practice, enabling the bringing into communion of a vast variety of people and their diverse experiences and understandings in a way that can bring about rapid and radical cultural transformation.