Consciousness and Awareness


‘Consciousness’ has always been difficult to explain or come to terms with for any kind of rationalism that definitively isolates material from immaterial presence. This difficulty has given rise to a long-running dispute between two schools of thought, focused around the question of whether ‘mind’ can be separated from ‘matter’ (as is supposed by what is known as ‘Cartesian Dualism’, after the French philosopher, Rene Descartes). For materialists, consciousness must be solely a product of tangible presence, because anything intangible cannot interact with material: ‘nothing’ cannot interact with ‘something’. For anti-materialists, consciousness can only be explained by the existence of an independent, intangible, ‘metaphysical’ presence or ‘spirit’, which transcends ‘physical’ matter.


With awareness of the natural inclusion of intangible space and informative energy within each other, this difficulty does not arise. Space and energy are mutually inclusive, not mutually exclusive, and combine to co-create what we call ‘matter’ as bodily flow-forms – from sub-atomic to galactic in scale. It would make good sense to view consciousness – the awareness of being aware – as a co-creation of space and energy incorporated into sentient bodily flow-forms.