Precursors of Natural Inclusion


So far as we know, there has been no previous explicit recognition of natural inclusion as the mutual inclusion of space and energy in all natural phenomena. Nor has there been any explicit recognition of the implications of such mutual inclusion of continuously receptive and informative presences for understanding how we come to be as we actually are in the world as it actually is. Nor is it necessary to have a great deal of background scientific, mathematical or philosophical knowledge in order to understand the essence of natural inclusion. All that is necessary is the ability to reflect imaginatively on such simple questions as ‘what most fundamentally needs to be present for natural form to be distinguishable from its surroundings?’ See, for example, Alan Rayner’s attempt to explain this in this video The Essence of Natural Inclusionality.

This doesn’t mean, however, that nobody has ever got close to appreciating the meaning and implications of natural inclusion before. Nor does it mean that there is no place for scholarship in exploring the significance of natural inclusion for human understanding. Nor does it mean that nobody has pointed out the need for such understanding in a world blighted by needless psychological, social and environmental harm.