A Brief History of Natural Inclusion


Natural inclusion is an ongoing evolutionary process of ‘being’ and ‘becoming.’ Our current understanding of the meaning and implications of this process, and the language we use to describe it, also continues to evolve. It did not come into being instantaneously or without trial and error. Your participation is welcome in helping it to develop further in clarity, depth and richness, because no one of us can claim to be an expert authority whose word is final. Natural inclusion can only adequately be appreciated from within diverse real-life experience, not from an isolated viewpoint as a detached observer.


It is important to be aware of the history of our attempts to communicate natural inclusion, otherwise you may get confused when you come across previous incarnations and possible misconceptions of what in essence is a very simple theme. Natural inclusion is the co-creative inclusion of space and energy within each other to give rise to natural flow-forms, over scales ranging from sub-atomic to galactic. These flow-forms have distinct identities, but are not completely isolated from one another as fully discrete, independent entities. They continually arise and reconfigure as myriad variations upon the same underlying theme.