What’s Wrong With ‘I’ and ‘We’?

The Four distinctive kinds of ‘I-abuse’ and ‘we-abuse’ that arise from imposing a false discontinuity between energy and space are identified and their damaging influence briefly described in this article. Natural Inclusional...

08-01-2018 Hits:1163 Biological Science and Ecology

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Self as a Natural Centre of Circulation

How do you perceive the life of your Self in relation to Nature? Have you ever walked down the same path twice? Is every day, every encounter you make along...

07-01-2018 Hits:878 Sociology and Social Governance

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Introduction to Natural Inclusion

It's always fun imagining what might have brought you here to explore the Natural Inclusion website. Perhaps you've come across the term in a book or on the internet? Or...

07-01-2018 Hits:749 About Natural Inclusion

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What Stops The Penny Dropping?

Why abstract-mindedness prevents the natural inclusional penny from dropping? A brief poetic reflection on what locks most people in to a damaging perception of reality that automatically prevents receptivity to what...

07-01-2018 Hits:739 Language and Linguistics

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