Welcome to Natural Inclusion


What has brought you here? Perhaps like so many people nowadays you are yearning for an exciting and satisfying new way of understanding the natural world and our human place in it which truly makes good sense? A way of understanding that is different from all you have heard so many times before but not so detached from your everyday human experience and all the knowledge our species has painstakingly gathered about natural phenomena, including ourselves, as to make you feel that it isn't a worthwhile endeavor.

You might be sensing that there is some aspect of the natural world that we human beings have ‘excluded’ from consideration that really needs to be ‘included’. You might intuit that it is the exclusion of this aspect that leads to all sorts of mistakes, conflicts, paradoxes and problems of living and loving that feature in our ‘bad news’ media on a daily basis. Perhaps that’s why the term ‘natural inclusion’ arouses your curiosity?  


What is Natural Inclusion?